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A New Appearance For Your Home

    Blinds ‘n’ More has been working for over twenty years to create a fresh look for your home with high-quality designs, high-quality window treatments, and high-quality cleanings with our full immersion ultrasonic cleaning process. The diverse list of window treatments that Blinds ‘n’ More offers include economical practicalities such as blinds or shades as well as slightly more decorative, yet still practically functional, treatments such as shutters, awnings, or cornice boards. Blinds are a set of slats that can come in various materials and that can be tilted back and forth to adjust the light levels in a room. This makes them accountable to almost any room type and style while still being a simple economic window treatment. Shades, like blinds, come in many different materials and are a more economical choice. However, shades also have the function of blacking out a room. This makes them ideal for bedrooms or anywhere else complete control over the lighting is desired. Shutters are a set of hinged panels attached inside or outside a window frame. Shutters provide an extra layer of protection from strong storms as well as add a charming touch to the look of your home. Cornice boards are attached at the top of the window to hide the mechanisms of the window treatment whilst adding a touch of color or texture to the room. Awnings are generally used to provide shade to an outdoor patio or seating area but they can also protect a window or doorway from many different types of weather. Blinds ‘n’ More also offers ultrasonic cleaning, which is a cleaning method that uses soundwaves and cleaning solutions to deep clean nearly any item. For over two decades, Blinds ‘n’ More has been specializing in brightening ultrasonic deep cleans, high-quality window treatments, and designs to bring a fresh look to your home.

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Window Treatments

Whether you need blinds, curtains, soft treatments, shutters, and even motorized shades, we can do it all!

    Shutters are two hinged panels that are attached to either the horizontal or vertical part of the window frame. One shutter is a frame surrounding solid panels, louvers (which are angled slats that can let in fresh air or light), glass, and sometimes fabric. Once upon a time, shutters were used to protect homes from strong storms and high-speed winds or to let in light or provide shade for homes without air conditioning or electricity; now shutters are used for insulation, to control light levels, or just for charming touch to the overall appearance of your home. Blinds ‘n’ More offers shutters as a classic and sturdy window treatment to add character to the inside or outside of your home.

    Blinds are generally a set of adjustable slats attached to the top of the window that can be rotated to emit more or less natural light. Blinds are available in many different materials: natural fabrics, synthetic fabrics, wood, faux woods, plastic, or metal. Blinds can come in several different types such as roller blinds, blinds that roll upwards when opened, Venetian blinds, which are the slats that can be adjusted to reduce or increase natural light levels, pleated blinds also called accordion blinds, blinds that fold together and slide upwards or unfold and slide downward when opened or closed. Other types of blinds include paneled blinds, plastic or metal blinds, which are suitable for areas with lots of moisture, and vertical blinds. Blinds ‘n’ More recommends the blinds window treatment if you are looking for a more economical option to control the natural lighting in your home.

    Shades are a solid section of material usually attached to a roller at the top of the window frame. Shades generally are available in many different fabrics, bamboo, or vinyl. Shades are an excellent option if the desired function is completely eliminating any natural light entering a room. This makes shades the ideal choice for bedrooms because they will eliminate all outdoor light from the very sparse natural light of night, to the early morning light, to any traffic that might be driving through late and night or bright and early. Shades can be added to a room for an elegant accent with roman shades or simple functionality with the roller type of shade. Other types of shades include balloon shades or tie-up shades. Shades are economical, with many selections from Blinds ‘n’ More, to easily fit the intended look of your home.


    Cornice boards are wooden panels, typically a foot or so long that wrap around the top section of your blinds or shades. The cornice board is designed to discreetly cover the mechanisms (rolls, folds, or bunches) of the shades or blinds. Cornice boards can add desired accents, textures, or splashes of color that curtains or blinds may not be able to provide. Cornice boards can be made out of many materials that blinds or shades may not be available in. Cornice boards are also much easier to add designs to than blinds or shades which need to have the ability to be neatly tucked away so that the natural light/outdoor light may be let in or blocked as desired. Blinds ‘n’ More offers Cornice Boards to add textures, a splash of color, or just to hide the mechanisms of your blinds or shades.

    Awnings are generally large sections of a sturdy, flexible material stretched across a frame positioned over a patio, porch, or other outdoor space that would benefit from extra shade. There are several different types of awnings available for the desired effect or function. The deck or patio shade cloths (or sails) are awnings stretching from the house or other building across the deck or patio. Retractable awnings are awnings that can roll back and away from the covered area if more sun is desired or before heavy snowfall. Motorized retractable awnings are exactly what they sound like: retractable awnings with a motor make rolling back the awning much easier and faster. Not all awnings are for large areas; window awnings and door awnings are smaller and simpler and provide shade or protection from rain and snow at your window or door.

Commercial Window Treatments

    Blinds ‘n’ More not only offers a new appearance for homes with our large variety of window treatments, but also offers apartments, restaurants, and other businesses window treatments to add character, functionality, or both to their establishment. Awnings provide any desired shade to a restaurant’s outdoor seating area. Shutters are a quaint and charming addition to a shop and provide extra protection during bad weather to an intricate window display. Shades provide complete privacy from the traffic outside any establishment and, because of their black-out ability, they are able to give complete control over the ambient lighting in a room. Blinds ‘n’ More also offers businesses ultrasonic cleaning to refresh, brighten, and add a sense of respectability to the overall appearance of the location. For over twenty years, Blinds ‘n’ More has been working to create a fresh outstanding appearance for any home or business looking to brighten up any space.

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“The owner Kevin came to the house and within a half an hour had measurements done and also helped us choose the best blinds for our home. He had great options and was able to give us a great value on our choice of blinds. The blinds took less than 10 days to come in. Jordan came and did a wonderfully efficient, yet professional, job installing the blinds and we could not be happier with the result!”

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“Just had all of our blinds cleaned by Jordan today. Very impressed with this service and results. Could not be happier!”

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